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  • We Thank God for God

    Something to be really thankful for Thank God for God I wrote this song a some years ago, in the home and I thought I’d share it with you. Praise God

  • How Girls in Africa Get Clean Water

      How Girls in Africa Get Clean Water Life is easy for us modern folks, but when you go to developing areas in Africa, things aren’t as easy. This is a sister of PreacherHead Ministries in Zimbabwe helping to explain how girls in Africa get clean water for cooking, drinking,

  • 1st Annual Clean Water Concert for Africa

      1st Annual Clean Water Concert for Africa Brother Steve has been to Zimbabwe several times, and other nations in Africa. While Africa┬áis a great and beautiful land, the overwhelming need is for clean drinking water. The water conditions in Africa is serious, our article on the top five reasons

  • The Necessity of Unity in the Church

      The body of Christ is one, therefore it is necessary and expedient that there must be a unity in the church in order for God to work through it. We must be in the same mind or mindset in order for the Lord to work with it and through

  • The Penalty of Disobedience

      Peace and grace readers, Today, I’ve uploaded an exhortation on the penalty of disobedience. The Bible is loaded with dozens of examples of disobedience and the penalty of it. They are mainly there for our admonition. This short exhortation will go into a bit of it. The Penalty of

  • Eighth Day Feast Lesson

    Happy Feast of Tabernacles the Eighth Day Happy Eighth Day Enjoy this day and the lesson!