Our goal and mission is to win souls to the Lord God through Jesus by spreading the gospel of the Word of GOD. We do this nationally via teleconference and we welcome you to come and join us to learn what the Lord Jesus wants for us to do in order to receive salvation and enter the Kingdom of God.

The video below is a recording from the previous week’s lesson, by 9:05pm CST a new LIVE lesson will be available. Refresh your screen if you are still viewing the previous week’s lesson. Thank you for studying with us!

You can join us each and every Friday evening beginning at 9pm CST

The current dial in number is:

Dial-in Number: 712-432-1620

Access Code: 942858#

We will upload each week’s lesson for you to listen to each week for your edification.

You can play back previous lessons by dialing 712-432-1282. We will soon have them available for you to listen to from your computer.