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Servants of God Jesus Christ

PreacherHead Ministries, Inc. seeks to feed as many people as we can reach physically and spiritually through the Word of God. We adopt the mindset as servants of God Jesus Christ and strive to be more selfless versus selfish in our sincere efforts in doing the Lord’s will. We are committed to save as many lives as possible. We plan to use every available platform to reach people worldwide.

Our focus is not to centralize our efforts in one location or sector as we intend to target every group that needs to hear the gospel. However, we will start with local religious organizations that are presently aware of our mission that can vigorously spread the word to set the tone of what our organization will accomplish. We want our service to others to be a fervent light that never goes out as we continue to edify, teach, support, encourage, and love all those that have a willingness and sincere desire to learn about the True and Living God and walk therein.


MENDA PreacherHead Ministries

I tune in every Sabbath evening to live Bible study lesson and they are wonderful; they are transforming, and I thank God for their efforts!

Sister Medina Nance, Holistic Health Counselor
BONE TO BONE PreacherHead Ministries

Praise the LORD for this ministry, I’m so happy with what I’m learning from Brother Stevie and Preacherhead Ministries. I’m growing in knowledge, wisdom, and mostly understanding!

Philip Israel Jr.
Michelle Rhnea PreacherHead Ministries

This ministry has been a blessing. I’ve been blessed by the teachings, works, and fellowship of this ministry. Praise the Most High!

Dr. Michelle Rhnea, Author