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Death and Mourning: A Message to The Living!
Bible Study Lesson with Pastor Stevie Robinson
Every Friday @ 9 PM C | 10 PM

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PreacherHead Live – The Power of Prayer
Bible Study Lesson with Pastor with Pastor Stevie Robinson
Every Friday @ 9 PM C | 10 PM

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Mission & Vision  Statement

Mission: PreacherHead Ministries, Inc. is a faith-based non-profit organization whose mission is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world and provide relief to the homeless, poor, and needy. In addition, it offers inspiration by the way of its music ministry and personal uplifting through its biblical tenets.

Vision: PreacherHead Ministries vision is dedicated to growing its volunteerism movement into a global opportunity that offers food, shelter, clothing, and clean water to all those in need.


MENDA PreacherHead Ministries

I tune in every Sabbath evening to live Bible study lesson and they are wonderful; they are transforming, and I thank God for their efforts!

BONE TO BONE PreacherHead Ministries

Praise the LORD for this ministry, I’m so happy with what I’m learning from Brother Stevie and Preacherhead Ministries. I’m growing in knowledge, wisdom, and mostly understanding!

Michelle Rhnea PreacherHead Ministries

This ministry has been a blessing. I’ve been blessed by the teachings, works, and fellowship of this ministry. Praise the Most High!