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Daily tips for Health & Anti-Aging

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Sis Marguerite Wright

Sis Marguerite Wright

7 Simple Steps to Take Daily for Better Health

Contributed by: Marguerite Wright

As we live each day of our lives, we can focus on things that will help us live healthier lives. Living a healthier life will also help us feel happier and help teach our children and grandchildren healthy habits. Unfortunately, people sometimes pick up on each other’s unhealthy habits, such as drinking and eating junk food. But let’s shift our minds to better practices, one day at a time.

When you wake up, here are seven steps to start the day off right and practice healthy living to avoid illnesses and diseases. Healthy living also helps fight the aging process and stay limber and youthful. When you first wake up and praise God, then when your feet hit the floor, do these seven steps:

1. Stretch
Stretching helps the joints and ligaments and assists your body to loosen up and help start your day right. As we age, we may feel stiffer and have more aches and pains. However, stretching will make a big difference when you take a few minutes to touch your toes, bring your arms above your head and stretch your arms up to the sky and even move the torso from side to side.

2. Dry Skin Brush
You can purchase a special brush to brush the skin at your local health food store or order one online. These brushes may feel a little rough at first, but you will get used to the feeling, and it will begin to be invigorating. It helps circulation and helps flush body toxins. The skin is an organ of elimination. You will also notice the appearance of your skin looking a little better. Dry Skin brushing can help cellulite. Brush your body and limbs, going towards the heart as you brush. It is best to do it in the morning before you hop in the shower.

3. Fascia Blasting
There is a tool that is very popular now to help the fascia, which is under the skin that can get stuck, which will then cause discomfort and the appearance of cellulite. Ashley Black offers all types of Fascia Blaster tools, from the small hand-held device that can go over your face, neck, and head and even helps you massage your own hands or more extensive tools that go over the larger muscles of the body. The connective tissues around muscles and organs benefit from this tool. It has remedied things from headaches, and muscle aches, ease stiffness and more. Just Google Fascia Blaster and watch the demos! Use oil to help the fascia blaster go over the skin easier.

4. Use Natural Deodorant
We are a nation that believes in using antiperspirants and deodorants to prevent odors and excess sweating. It is a natural body function to sweat, but you can block odors with all-natural deodorants without exposing your skin to aluminum and other toxins. Purchase deodorants with all-natural ingredients. Deodorants are applied under the arms, near the lymph nodes. The lymphatic system knows how to work toxins through the body, but we don’t want to overload toxins. Sweating is an essential part of the body’s system. Some people sweat heavily. Doing detox programs can help that, along with helping to decrease odors from the inside. It is essential to be aware of the unnecessary toxins to which you expose your body. It can cause issues as time goes on, with overuse. Just try to be more aware of what you are putting on your body and in your body!

5. Drink Alkaline water
We need to have a more alkaline system, but many people today have too much acid in the system. High acidic systems in the body can cause joint issues like Gout. It can be brought on by a highly acidic diet but eating a more alkaline diet, including fresh fruits and vegetables and less animal protein, fried foods and junk foods that cause high acid. Alkaline water can provide more alkaline balance in the body. Some water brands have a 9.5 pH in the water. Stores like Sam’s Club carry those types of water at a more affordable price.

6. Eat for your blood type
Food is your medicine, and studies have shown certain foods can affect you based on your blood type. There are four basic blood types, O, A, AB and B. Learn which foods are best for you based on your blood type, and it is vital to avoid the foods that are not suggested for certain blood types. In addition, some foods are poison to the blood, based on your blood type. Some charts and books explain this recommended diet in detail.

7. Take your Supplements
Taking essential supplements needed for daily recommended vitamins and minerals is vital when we are facing a pandemic and high amounts of people catching viruses and other illnesses; people are deciding whether to vaccinate or not. Whatever you choose, it will still benefit your body to get the proper nutrition with a balanced diet and take the supplements needed. For example, vitamin C is one vitamin our bodies do not naturally produce, so we need to supplement vitamin C to help build robust immune systems. Plus, all the vitamins and minerals are required for proper supplementation.

Living a healthier lifestyle can make a huge difference for your immune system, mental and physical health and help fight the aging process. It starts one day at a time.

Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Wellness Coach based in the south suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.
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