Pastor Steve

Pastor Stevie Robinson

The Joy And Healing of Forgiveness

“Serving others today to be acceptable to the Lord tomorrow.”
-Stevie Robinson

A vibrant fashionable pastor and speaker, Steve Robinson cofounded Preacherhead Ministries (PHM) in 2012 to carry the message of stewardship, servitude, deliberate existence, and scriptural gospel to the world.

Stevie began his ministry in the trenches as a choirmaster and conductor, as well as a teacher, before using his previous musical skills, training, and profession to tackle numerous pastoral duties. During this time Stevie managed multi-million dollar congregation’s choir and supervised the launch and development of a gold album release.

Prior to joining cofounding PHM, Steve spent 30 years entertaining people in the secular music industry, while developing choirs. He was appointed to teach the gospel and often draws from his experiences to deliver messages of outstanding faith, exceptional servitude, and sound doctrine of God and His love.

Steve and his wife, Renee, reside in Chicago, Illinois.