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The Power in Encouragement: Exhortation

There is power in encouragement and in encouraging others in the Word of God, or with simple encouraging words. It is important for the Saints to encourage one another to

Psalm Chapter 119 Something to Remember

Psalm chapter 119 Appreciating God’s Benefits are a very important part of the walking in God’s Word. Scriptures: Blessed are the undefiled in the way, who walk in the law

Daily Exhortation – Parable of the Vine

Welcome to Preacherhead Ministries, today’s exhortation comes from the book of St. John chapter 15 and we will read verses one through eleven. Press play as Pastor Steve gives us

Understanding the Armour of God

Welcome to today’s daily exhortation from the Word of God with PreacherHead Ministries, I’m Pastor Stevie and it is great to have you fellowship with us briefly. Click play below

Daily Devotional on Psalm 112

Grace and peace to you in the name of Jesus, Friends today we have a brief devotional, with what we hope are some inspirational words to increase you and strengthen

Praying Always Bible Study

Welcome to PreacherHead Ministries; this is a Bible Study on Praying Always. Prayer is a very essential practice of the saints of God. View the lesson and share with someone

My Cup Runneth Over: Psalm 23 Exhortation

Grace and peace we welcome you to a devotional and exhortation from Psalm chapter 23. This well known Psalm speaks powerful words when we take the time to deeply understand