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Feast of Tabernacles 2014

Feast of Tabernacles 2014 Bible Study Lesson   We apologize. We have technical difficulties with the connection at the location we’re at? Hi this is Preacherhead Ministries and this is

Redeemed PreacherHead Ministries

Redeemed by the Grace of God

Here is another Bible study exhortation coming from Ephesians chapter 2 verse 1, about being redeemed by the grace of God. Our redemption is by the grace of God, through

The Cup of the Lord: Can You Drink of It

Welcome to PreacherHead Friday night Bible Study, live on YouTube. Today’s lesson and Bible Study is titled, the Cup of the Lord: Can You Drink of It. Click play, have

Predestination is by Your Choice

Today’s Sabbath Day Bible Study is on the subject of predestination. The argument has been going on for ages, predestination vs freewill, the predestination paradox, and on and on gives