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It is so important to have knowledge, but what is more important is to have understanding of what you know!  For then and only then can you make the knowledge

President Agrees Too Many False Prophets

Hello My Brothers and Sisters Grace and Peace in the Mighty Name of Jesus: As I was pondering over my first radio lesson “Sound Doctrine Replaced by False Prophets“, I

False Doctrine and False Prophets

Being here in Zimbabwe has given me plenty time in solitude and plenty time to study my word. There have been no phone calls, no interruptions, or children-which has truly

We Are Going Back To Zimbabwe

We Are Going Back To Zimbabwe We are happy to announce we will be going back to Zimbabwe to continue the ministry God has put upon us to do for

Our First Zimbabwe Mission

Our First Zimbabwe Mission Here is a short testimonial from a brother named Godfrey who we baptised in the name of Jesus during Pastor Stevie’s first trip to Zimbabwe. Godfrey