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Preacherhead Ministries Inc.

PO Box 8414

Chicago, IL60649


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Preacherhead Ministries Inc.

PO Box 8414

Chicago, IL60649


If you would like to send a gift or donation in the form of a tax-deductible check or money, please send your gift or donation to:

Preacherhead Ministries Inc.

C/O Pastor Stevie Robinson

PO Box 8414

Chicago, IL60649


= To give a clothing gift or donation – please contact Brother Thein at brotherthein@ =

Thank you and God bless you.

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11 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. The site looks great! A couple of things to note…the conference line has been in existence since 2003 and the number to retrieve previous lessons should be listed (in my humble opinion)– 712-432-1282. The access code is 942858# (pound) and currently the reference numbers range from 1 to 118.

  2. Keep up the awesome works you are doing brother, uplifting the Most High God!!! Praise God and peace in Jesus Name!

  3. All praises to the Most High God. I will not complain, this is a very humbling letter. May the Lord keep His hedges encamped around you….

    Love, Sister Eloise

  4. Everything looks wonderful, we wish you many blessings. I am putting a ahow together to raiae capital for the Ministry. Love You and see you soon!! FLO & ERROL

  5. I want to say Stevie, I miss you here but I understand that the precious gospel has to go out and that means sharing you! I want to congratulate you on doing a awesome job and in Jesus name that he keep you safe while doing God’s work! The whole experience is a very humble one, the living word is what heals the soul and I am thankful to have known your music and your friday night teachings. Peace and love be to you and your mission in the mighty name of Jesus, be safe!

  6. Hey,

    Since we have gone back to the original conference line on Friday nights, it would be beneficial to change the information on the site (712-432-1620 code 942858 and the recording retrieval 712-432-1282 code 942858–lessons from #1 thru #129 can be accessed currently)

  7. Bro Stevie, I am uplifted by the knowledge of this ministry. I am pleased to know and be connected to you. Bural and I are ready to help in whatever capacity the Lords leads us. You just ask Brother. May the Lord God of Israel continue to shine in, through & around you Brother so that others will be blessed by the same anointing spirit. Blessings to your lovely wife for standing with you and supporting you through this worthy and much needed cause. I love and appreciate her, you and your ministry.
    The website looks good; it’s very informative. I would like to humbly point out an error I noticed: in the 2nd paragraph on the home page, embark is misspelled.
    I will continue to pray with you as you & other teachers travel through this journey. God speed Brother, peace & love in Jesus’ holy name.

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