Sound Doctrine Changed by False Prophets Podcast Lesson

This is a lesson I will teach live on Zimbabwe radio tomorrow evening before 12 million listeners. I’ll keep this lesson posted on this site until this coming Friday, so listen to it now!


Sound Doctrine Changed by False Prophets is a Bible Study lesson that teaches why there is so much confusion in Christianity today. The reason why Christianity is divided is because the soundness of Jesus’ doctrine has be changed by false prophets who pretend to be prophets or ministers of God (on purpose or in ignorance).

This lesson is not for the faint of heart in the Word of God. It may offend you if you are a typical worldly-modern-day Christian under the doctrines we see taught and advocated popularly on television. Nevertheless, it is very edifying and pleasing to those who want nothing but true Words of God and salvation through Jesus Christ. Click the play button ABOVE now and have pen and paper for notes. God bless in Jesus name (Listen to this lesson now)!