Women's Corner | October 2023

Inspirational Quotes - About Forgiving Others Who Hurt You

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Healing Power of Forgiveness

Contributed by Sis Tamara Claiborne

In the echoes of your heart’s quiet cries,
Lies the power to set your spirit free of all hurtful ties,
Release the chains, let your heart unbind,
For forgiveness is the balm for the wounded mind.

Oh, woman of God, strong and resolute soul,
Embrace forgiveness as your ultimate goal,
In mercy and compassion, find your way to forgive,
A path to healing, where pain finds its end.

In the mirror’s reflection, you’ll see your face,
Traces of hurt, time can’t erase,
But forgiveness, dear woman of God, is a radiant light,
That turns scars into stars, shining so bright.

The Bible tells us to let go of anger, let grudges cease,
And only seek opportunities that produce love and peace,
For when you forgive, you release the weight off of you
Giving you and your fellow man the chance to be reconciled.

It’s not about weakness, but strength within,
To forgive is to cleanse, to let healing begin,
To rise from the ashes of anger and strife,
To embrace the beauty of a forgiving life.

So, woman of God, be bold, let forgiveness take flight,
And transform your darkness into radiant light,
In this act of grace, your true power you’ll find,
As you forgive, woman of God, to truly heal remember to leave the pain behind.