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Healthy Skin Care

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Patricia McBroom

Patricia McBroom


Healthy Skin Care

Contributed by: Patricia McBroom

Our skin covers our entire body, but we tend to focus on our facial skin area. However, the skin covers the ENTIRE body from our scalp to the bottom of our feet. So let’s dig into HOW we can achieve healthy-looking skin from the inside out.

The first thing we want to do is make sure we are eating a healthy diet. A healthy diet consists of eating mainly fresh fruits, fresh vegetables (especially green leafy greens), good fats (avocado, etc.), and plenty of water. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and water help us to keep and maintain overall healthy skin.
Out of these three suggestions, water is one of the most important, and here is why. Water helps to keep not only our skin hydrated but also keeps our organs hydrated. In addition, water helps to combat constipation and assists with removing harmful toxins from our bodies.

A few other things that are helpful with acquiring healthy skin is making sure you use a cleanser/ soap for your skin type. For example, if you have oily skin, you want a cleanser to eliminate excess oil from the skin. On the other hand, you want a cleaner that moisturizes the skin if you have dry skin.
Another tip for healthy skin is to use herbs that are cleansing for the liver, like Burdock Root and Yellow Dock. Both of these herbs help with assisting the liver with filtering out harmful substances from the body. With these two herbs, you can make what’s called an herbal decoction. A recipe would be:

  • two parts cold filtered or purified water,
  • one part each of Burdock and Yellow Dock,
  • bring it to a boil in a stainless-steel pot,
  • put the heat on low and let it simmer for 40 minutes.
  • when it’s done simmering, remove for the heat and let it sit for an hour,
  • strain and enjoy plain or with raw honey.

Drinking this tonic once daily will help you on your journey to healthy skin. Note, the importance of boiling the roots in a stainless-steel pain is because there is no lining present that could contaminate the herbs. The purpose of boiling the roots is to EXTRACT all of the medicinal constituents or ingredients of the roots. ROOTS are ONLY boiled due to their hard exterior. On the other hand, leaves and flowers are to be INFUSED in HOT water so as not to degrade or damage the potency OR medicinal constituents/ ingredients.

The EPIDERMIS, the top layer of the skin, has cells that produce and protect the immune system. However, it is damaged by prolonged sun exposure and scrapes and cuts, heat. The DERMIS has nerve endings, oil and sweat glands, and hair follicles. It is damaged through puncture wounds, heat. The SUBCUTANEOUS layer makes up the fat, connective tissues, and large blood vessels. It is damaged with deep puncture wounds, radiation, heat, etc.

My recommendations assist with having healthy skin on the INSIDE by changing the diet, adding more water, and utilizing the burdock root and yellow dock root to help heal the body internally. In addition, Abigail’s Apothecary Black Beauty bar and Turmeric Gold bar assist with cleaning the epidermis of environmental dirt and debris the outer skin comes into contact with daily.
The Importance of Rest.

The last thing I will mention is making sure you get plenty of rest. Though I said last, it’s a significant step to acquiring healthy skin. Getting your proper rest assists the body with the replenishing of new cells. Getting enough rest rejuvenates the ENTIRE body from the inside out. I hope these quick tips to achieving healthy skin are helpful.

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