Who are We and What is Preacherhead Ministry?

The Past…

Since 2006 we have conducted a Friday night Bible Study Conference Line.  The conference began with five people and has now blossomed into a National Conference Line where people from all over the United States call in to hear the Word of God taught from the Bible. This Conference Line is continuously growing and provides a refreshing and renewing of the mind reminding us all of how we should be in our journey towards eternal salvation.

As a mission sent by God we went to Zimbabwe Africa for duration of 30 days. We journeyed to Zimbabwe to teach the brothers and sisters there the truth about God. This experience was life changing and an amazing eye-opener. We learned so many things while teaching so many amazing people. While in Zimbabwe we established a reputation with the National Radio Station and TV Platforms in the country.  Moreover, we still conduct the National Live Friday Night Bible Study Conference Class every Friday night at 9pm CST.


Shedding God’s Light
The purpose of Preacherhead Ministries is to build a solid foundation and headquarters to facilitate our ongoing efforts in spreading the word of God throughout Zimbabwe and other nations. We seek to conduct numerous fundraising activities to help the people in Zimbabwe as well as all over the world. In an attempt to further our efforts are applying for grants seeking continued support.
The purpose of this website is to begin an in depth advertising campaign to promote the mission of our organization through the use of documentaries and music. We also welcome ideas and donations that will foster our goal to spread the word of God, especially throughout Zimbabwe Africa. We are reaching out 

through social medium such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Blogs.

Where we are headed…

work going on in Zimbabwe
Overlooking some work going on in Zimbabwe

Our plan is to continue missionary journeys to Zimbabwe Africa to service the people there using this Teaching Ministry. We will take the National Live Friday Night Bible Study Conference Class to the next level by expanding it using Skype in an effort to capture a worldwide audience. In addition, we will facilitate a Youth Music Ministry offering a venue for young people to develop their musical talents through the ministry of song. We plan to feed the homeless and seek opportunities to provide comfort to the Fatherless and Widows. We plan to reach as many people as possible, connecting to anywhere from 10,000 and up. Welcome to Preacherhead Ministries. We need your help.