February 28, 2014


Feeding and Clothing the Poor and Needy, Physically & Spiritually through Music, Prayer, and Acts of Kindness:

Join Us

Friday Night Live Lessons

Join us every Friday (Sabbath) Night as we fellowship together on the Word of God!

Support our Homeless Initiative!

We go out routinely with our friends at SAGA to assist the poor and needy with items they need for daily living.

Watch our Show “What the People Think?”

We go live in the streets and talk to real people about what they think about different scriptures and subjects within the Bible!

Learn details of the scripture like never before in a “fruits of the spirit” type of way.

We are learning just like you and we understand that! We want to share our gifts with you so we all continue to grow in the Word.

Study and Show Thyself Approved

Support our ministerial efforts of spreading the Word and helping the less fortunate!

We do not just preach the Word, we aim to administer the Word.

Zimbabwe Water Project

Contact us for spiritual counsel and prayer!

We believe in prayer and the power of healing and restoration. We encourage you to contact us for prayer and spiritual counsel!


Preacherhead testimonies


Philip Israel Jr.

Praise the LORD for this ministry, I’m so happy with what I’m learning from Brother Stevie and Preacherhead Ministries. I’m growing in knowledge, wisdom, and mostly understanding!


Dr. Michelle Rhnea, Author

This ministry has been a blessing. I’ve been blessed by the teachings, works, and fellowship of this ministry. Praise the Most High!


Sister Medina Nance, Holistic Health Counselor

I tune in every Sabbath evening to live Bible study lesson and they are wonderful; they are transforming, and I thank God for their efforts!

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About our Mission

PreacherHead Ministries, Inc. is a faith-based non-profit organization whose mission is to promote biblical teachings worldwide.  To apply those principles by charitable acts of feeding and clothing the poor and needy both physically and spiritually.  PMI will act as an agent of change to uplift and empower men, women, and youth through the ministry of song.

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