How Girls Get Clean Water in Zimbabwe

How Girls in Africa Get Clean Water
Life is easy for us modern folks, but when you go to developing areas in Africa, things aren’t as easy. This is a sister of PreacherHead Ministries in Zimbabwe helping to explain how girls in Africa get clean water for cooking, drinking, hygiene, and other necessities women and girls have and need. This is the vitalness for the Clean Water Project we are putting on right now and the clean water concert we plan to have on March 15, 2015 to raise $10,000 to build at least 3 or 4 water wells in closer proximity to the villages girls like these live in. We are humbly asking that you donate directly to PreacherHead Ministries, or donate in the form of purchasing a ticket to the upcoming concert at the DuSable Museum in Chicago on March 15th. This is serious and important, and we need your support.

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