Lake Shore Drive and Lawrence Avenue, and Tent City

Contributed by Michelle Rhnea Yisrael

Event date: February 6, 2022

Chicago, Illinois

It was a very cold and snowy day on Sunday, February 6, 2022.  In fact, it was so snowy that we could not find a place to set up our tables because of the many snow banks.  So, volunteers did what we came to do anyway.  Though we were not able to give away many clothes at our first stop on Lake Shore Drive and Lawrence Avenue, volunteers carried restaurant take home containers to the tents where the homeless people we serve remained.  It was too cold to come out of the tents.  We didn’t see many faces of relief as usually because most requested, we leave the food right outside the tent for fear of letting the cold inside where they were snug. 

We made a similar stop at Tent City on Taylor near I94.  We were relieved to know that many people who lived there were snug inside a nearby hotel due to the generosity of a wealthy Chicago philanthropist.  There were a few people who remained in Tent City on this cold weekend who requested prayer.  Brother Stevie is always ready and willing to fulfil prayer requests. 

Our third and last stop on this cold snowy day was another usual location outside of a shelter on the westside of Chicago.  Here we were able to set up our tables and give away blankets, long underwear, socks, hats, gloves, jogging pants, and jeans.  We were blessed to have sisters from Royalty Wraps in Zion, IL join us with donations.  Along with their smiling faces, warm spirits, and generous hearts they brought blankets and clothes to add to our goodies. 

We gave away 100 meals containing chicken, beans and rice, green beans, and cornbread from Dan’s Soul Food 2523 W 79th St, Chicago, IL 60652 that day.  It was good to see our usual volunteers weather the cold day.  Brother Andrew always shows up come rain, sleet, or snow.  He brings with him his little helper, his son, who is about 10 years old.  He seems to love following his dad to the monthly giveaways.  He is a little champion, he serves, then plays a little, then returns to his post to serve.  It is good to see Brother Andrew spend time with his son.  The biggest thing a child wants from his or her dad is his time.  Seeing this pair is a joy.  The volunteers came out with good hearts, ready to give, and prepared to serve with delight. 

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