Let’s Be Clear of the Over-All Mission

Pastor Stevie Writes From me to You

What is on my mind today is that the word of God is true and that when you are doing good….evil is always present. There has been talk and inuendo in reference to my current fund raising effort to return to the Israel of God of Zimbabwe and that I do not have the support of the headquarters of the parent church (of which I belong).

Nothing could be farther from the truth! My dedication and servitude to my God and my church is unquestionable and without debate for those who know me. For the record….before I embarked on this mission, I consulted and conversed with the necessary people who gave me the green light or “authority” to move forward in my own manner. For those of you who are not familiar with Preacherhead ministries, it is a 501c3 (non profit organization) dedicated to winning souls to Jesus Christ through the gift of music that God has given me. The word of God says Acknowledge him in all thy ways and he will direct thy path.

This is the platform that I chose. What has been painful is that my familiars who see me every week have rushed to judgement without asking me about what might have been unclear to them as far as the mode of operation that I chose. People ….Preacherhead is just a name…..whats most important is the work that was being displayed in the videos and that is on the site……the gospel was preached (during our first trip), the sick and lame were healed, and 11 souls had their sins remitted by being baptized in the name of Jesus (not Stevie, Preacherhead or any other name)!

I ask, is not what this is all about? Isn’t this what God commanded us to do? For those of you who have doubts about what I am doing, take a look at the testimonies of the people. All they do is thank the Israel of God and the Pastor in Jesus name for sending me. I am a member of the Israel of God…..but I serve the God Of Israel in Jesus name!! Before causing confusing get the facts from people knowledgeable in dispersing them and not what you hear or heard. Thank you and God bless in the mighty name of Jesus.

Brother Stevie

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