Women's Corner | March 2022

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Living My Truth

Contributed by: Dawnsherrae Bryant


Have you heard the phrase, “living my truth”? It is a very secular moto that the world chants today. This phrase is being used in every area aspect of life…you name it and the catch all phrase is applied. This is a worldly view that does not acknowledge the true and living God. People use it to worship the created and not the creator.

The real truth is God’s TRUTH!
John 8:31,32 tells us that if we follow the bible and the laws and commandments that we may be free in the everlasting life.

Sisters and brothers, we are responsible for every word that comes out of our mouth; do not repeat the world’s views if they are contrary to the word of God. I suggest following the truth that provides eternal salvation!

Sis Dawnsherrae Bryant