Women's Corner | May 2022

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Mental Healing

Contributed by: Jessica Seawright

I remember praying for God to change my image
I was praying who I am He would decrease He would diminish not knowing that I could pray for Him to replenish
I didn’t believe I deserved to live so I prayed to God
The devil is very clever and I was believing all his lies
And he used my wanting for love to make me believe
The fact that I didn’t feel, I didn’t have it, love was something I could never achieve
Perception can be our friend or enemy we can choose to focus on Jesus for He is a friend indeed
Always there when we are in need
Submit to God and resisting Satan it’s the only way the devil will flee
The devil has many tricks up his sleeve putting all my focus on negativity due to what I ate mentally
Hearing throughout my life “you will never be enough, you’ll only be good for laying on your back”
Making sure I focused on everything I lacked not even realizing that I am under attack
Seeking God diligently and focusing on changing my mindset what I perceived
Being selective on the food that I eat, if I don’t eat the flesh and drink the blood of Jesus then I’m dead spiritually said so in King James Version John 6 and verse 53
“In the beginning the Word was God then later on the Word became flesh”
To die for our sins so we don’t have to die the second death
To be the propitiations for our sins so we can repent
By the Father was Jesus His only begotten Son sent
He is the Word the Bible we must read
To learn the fear of the Lord is the only thing that will keep us in perfect peace
Knowing that all things happen only with His permission so other fears we release
Fearing the One who sent His Son to die
Fearing the One that came down as man and never sinned no matter how he was tried
Once I realized that God came and died for all, including me
Reading chapter seven in Deuteronomy that helped me realize that God is love and His love heals
Eating it by reading it and hearing it changes everything even how we live
God’s Word is our protection
God’s Word is also our weapon
“For God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind”
Love the Lord thy God above all and to our neighbor we be kind
The whole duty of man is to Fear God and obey
So now that I know I don’t have to do it myself, to God I can pray
Asking for help and ending in Jesus Name gives me perfect peace and joy for His burden is light
The rest we get on the Sabbath it’s always a delight
Getting refreshed powering up our armor getting us ready for the fight
Now that I know the fight is day to day in Jesus I put my trust and my faith
Joyful for correction doing all that He says for it is better to obey
I am better prepared to discern from the real and the fake
The real is the Word of God and the fake is what lies Satan creates
The Word of God is my armor and my sword
I won’t fail when the enemy tries me because I will be submitting to my Lord
Submit to God, resist the devil and he will flee
Ignoring the negativity and choosing the Word of God has been mentally healing for me