Our Whole Heart to Obedience

Welcome to this short posting from PreacherHead Ministries. The title suggest that our whole heart (mind) should be fully gathered to the obedience of God’s Word. The formula for success is to obey as suggested in Joshua chapter 1 AND verse 6.

Please enjoy this exhortation and if you desire, share it with others to edify their day. May God bless you and keep you this day, in Jesus name!

Pastor Steve

PS: Join us on Friday Evening for an extensive Bible Study on Different Subjects!


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  1. Marshena Wilson

    Honor and glory to the Most High God, Jesus! Jesus certainly provides us with our needs and wants. Pastor Steve, thanks for providing me with the daily devotion video. “Sacrifices are irrelevant; obedience is preeminent. ” Thank you for the reminder of being a doer of the word.

    1. PreacherHead

      Praise the Lord sister Marshena and bless you in Jesus name!

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