Radio Debate 11-9-2012

Radio Debate 11-9-2012

Hello Readers Grace and Peace in the Mighty Name of Jesus:

Today’s labor in the Vineyard had me going to the radio station this morning, and having a discussion with another Pastor on “Spiritual Fathers” and the validity of them in the Bible.

Many of the biggest pastors in Zimbabwe have sojourned to other countries in Africa to adopt a ‘spiritual father’. Nigeria and Ghana are the main countries in Africa that they go to find a spiritual pastor or father. Such was the case with the pastor that I was debating with.

In the scriptures and in the Bible there is no case where Jesus told you to adopt a ‘spiritual father’ from mankind. In fact HE told you to call no man on earth your Father for one is your Father in Heaven. The more I searched the Scriptures the more I found no evidence of this act being commanded by God. In Jeremiah the 17th chapter the Lord tells us “cursed be the man that puts his trust in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the Lord”.

The pastor used scriptures that were not related to the subject matter to substantiate his position. The Lord allowed the Bible to speak very definitively concerning this matter. It showed me also where it talks about in 2 Timothy 2:15 when one “studies to show himself approved unto God, rightfully dividing the Word of Truth that he or she will never be ashamed or put to shame.

When the calls and comments began to come in the people who were listening to the radio show made their opinions very clear. Every last caller stated that it is against the Will of God to put their trust in another man. There were others who called in stating it was blasphemous.

I am exhorted and encouraged more and more each day when I see the people receive the Word of God for what it is…… The Word of God.

Grace and Peace to You All in the Mighty Name of Jesus!


Bro Stevie

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