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Depression and Anxiety

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Sis Medina Nance

Sis Medina Nance

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Contributed by Sis Medina Nance

Seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, is a type of depression  that occurs during the same season each year. You may have  SAD if you felt depressed during the last two winters but felt  much better in spring and summer. Anyone can get SAD, but it’s more common in Women.

  • People who live far from the equator, where winter daylight hours are very short.
  • People between the ages of 15 and 55. The risk of getting SAD for the first time goes down as you age.
  • People who have a close relative with SAD.

SAD is sometimes called winter depression or seasonal depression.

What causes SAD?

Experts aren’t sure what causes SAD. But they think it may be caused by a lack of sunlight. Lack of light may:

  • Upset your “biological clock,” which controls your sleep-wake pattern and other circadian rhythms.
  • Cause problems with serotonin, a brain chemical that affects mood.

What are the symptoms?

If you have SAD, you may: Feel sad, grumpy, moody, or anxious.

  • Lose interest in your usual activities.
  • Eat more and crave carbohydrates, such as bread and pasta.
  • Gain weight.
  • Sleep more but still feel tired.
  • Have trouble concentrating.

Symptoms come and go at about the same time each year. Most people with SAD start to have symptoms in September or October and feel better by April or May.


LIQUID FLAX SEED OIL (1-3 Tablespoons Daily spread out)

  • Natural Antidepressant and great source of Omega 3 (EFA) VITAMIN D3 (2-3 daily spread out)
  • The Sunshine Vitamin! ANXIOUSLESS (As Directed)
  • Sleep, Anxiety, Depression

B-COMPLEX (B Vitamin ‘Family’)  Stress, Energy (Equalizer), Healthy blood production. Eat Low Glycemic Diet, Exercise (Endorphins!), and get out into the Sunshine as often as possible in the Fall & Winter. I use Nature’s Sunshine Supplements for their Potency &  Quality (except the Vit D, get one that’s preferably not made with duck feathers – you can get a list of any supplements  that have pork, shellfish or anything unclean in them). B VITAMINS or a B Complex are excellent for depression and anxiety. These are known as the Stress & Energy Vitamins, but you must take the ‘family’ of B Vitamins and take enough of them, long enough: it varies on your Ht/Wt but generally 3-4 caps/1-2xs  Daily for 3 months. These are ‘Essential Missing Vitamins.

MAGNESIUM, LIQUID TRACE MINERALS, single herbs like GINGKO, GOTU KOLA, or combinations like one I’ve used for decades called FOCUS ATTENTION have helped every thing from Prevention to treating Memory Loss, ADHD, Dementia, Focus, and many Brain/Nerve disorders.

Did you know that the BRAIN/CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM CAN BE FED, NOURISHED, BUILT UP? ADHD, Autism, Dementia, Alzheimer’s Depression, Post Partum ‘Depression’, Parkinson’s – to name a few, these can all be helped tremendously – the earlier the better with a few Simple Supplements like OMEGA 3 ‘ESSENTIAL’ FATTY ACIDS (Liquid Flax Seed Oil or Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplements) . These Feed The Brain, Oil it, Soothe it, decrease Inflammation and give or restore missing needed essential HELP.  Omega 3 is an Anti-Inflammatory that is known as an [Anti Depressant]! You need to take it for at least 3 mos and take ‘enough’: 1-2 Tablespoons or 8-10 caps Daily.

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