It is so important to have knowledge, but what is more important is to have understanding of what you know!  For then and only then can you make the knowledge applicable in the areas where it can be most beneficial to you.

SancitifiedI never truly understood what the word sanctified meant until I began to study the Word of God.  Today among Christians that I talk to, I still find the Word to be misunderstood. To sanctify means to separate, set aside, or set apart. It does not mean holy; however when God sanctifies you, you become HOLY.

It is only through the Word of God and our submission and obedience to it that we become sanctified. Being holy will the residual effect of this sanctification and obedience. For it is written “sanctify yourselves and be ye Holy , for I am Holy”.  When we are sanctified by obeying God’s Word, we are separated or set aside from those who do not obey it.

As I continue my mission here in Zimbabwe, I find that I am truly sanctified here. Everything God has commanded us to do in HIS Word such as the Sabbath Days, Dietary laws, and most of all the laws and terms of the covenants both old and new (which are the 10 commandments), are given to us from the Holy God, to make us Holy.

I feel sometimes like John the Baptist, ” a voice crying in the wilderness”, when I tell people what God meant for us in terms of what HE requires in our servitude and conduct towards HIM, HE means in all generations! Readers ….what makes you holy then……makes you holy now! God is not a schizophrenic. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.

If HE required you to keep the dietary in those days, then it is also good today. If HE destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah  for the practices that they did then,  what would make us think that today HE has acquired  a love affair with the same situations and/or lifestyles! Even if I was thinking about adding such behavior to my lifestyle, I would have to reconsider after reading about what happened to our forefathers!

Listen people!  I am not the judge – God is. There is only ONE Judge and ONE Lawgiver….HIS name is Jesus! And no doubt HE is Holy. And if we are created in HIS image and likeness , then we should at all cost obey HIS Word for OUR sanctification and OUR Holiness.

May God Bless You All In The Mighty Name of Jesus.   Amen!

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  1. Gunda Shackelford

    Hello Brother Stevie,

    I really like your blog post this week. The word sanctify, to set apart for sacred use; consecrate.(dedicated or set apart for the service or worship of God. To make holy; purify: to be free from sin. The keeping of the commandments of God. This is the whole duty of man.
    Peace in the name of Jesus.

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