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The Necessity of Unity in the Church

  The body of Christ is one, therefore it is necessary and expedient that there must be a unity in the church in order for God to work through it.

Understanding the Armour of God

Welcome to today’s daily exhortation from the Word of God with PreacherHead Ministries, I’m Pastor Stevie and it is great to have you fellowship with us briefly. Click play below

My Cup Runneth Over: Psalm 23 Exhortation

Grace and peace we welcome you to a devotional and exhortation from Psalm chapter 23. This well known Psalm speaks powerful words when we take the time to deeply understand

Predestination is by Your Choice

Today’s Sabbath Day Bible Study is on the subject of predestination. The argument has been going on for ages, predestination vs freewill, the predestination paradox, and on and on gives


Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe

Peace and blessings brothers and sisters, I just want to take a moment to post a few pictures of the Godly beautiful scenery in Zimbabwe at Victoria Falls. The brothers

Less Than Twenty Days to Go

Less Than Twenty Days to Go Hey every, I’ve got a little less than 20 days left before I make another trip around the world to Zimbabwe, Africa. I’m excited,