Women's Corner | October 2022

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Sis Latoya Neal

Sis Latoya Neal

The 8 Steps of Atonement

Contributed by: Sis Latoya Neal

  1. Point out the wrong- the first stage is the most difficult of all because when we are wrong and we are not aware of it, someone has to point out the wrong.
  2. Acknowledge the wrong- so in this context the word acknowledge means to the truth of the fact that we have…been wrong
  3. Confess fault- first you confess the fault to God and then to the person or persons whom your fault has ill effected.
  4. Repentance- means feeling contrition or self-reproach for what one has done or failed to do.
  5. Atonement- means we must be willing to do something in explanation of our sins.
  6. Forgiveness- means to cease to feel offense and resentment against another for the harm done by an offender. It means to wipe the slate clean.
  7. Reconciliation and restoration- It means to resolve differences and to establish or re-establish a close relationship between previously divided persons.
  8. Perfect union with God- the result of completing the atonement process is achieving the perfect union with God who is best at guiding us to freedom.