The Necessity of Unity in the Church

The Necessity of Unity in the Church


The body of Christ is one, therefore it is necessary and expedient that there must be a unity in the church in order for God to work through it.

We must be in the same mind or mindset in order for the Lord to work with it and through us at a higher level, in which all Christian churches or people want to see. This exhortation will edify with scriptures that we understand the necessity of unity in the church.

Unity must first begin in the home between mother and father, husband and wife, children parents, then to the community, and finally to the greater world of Christian people.

God bless you in Jesus name!

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  1. Terrell Redditt

    Hey bro steve I want to thank you for giving me your business card. You are doing what the Lord wants you to do its beautiful , and powerful with the( lord)on your side and how you and the other brothers go all over to teach the word of GOD. I will continue to follow your teaching In (Jesus name amen)

    1. PreacherHead

      Praise the Lord brother Terrell, thank you and God bless you, talk to you soon.

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