The Penalty of Disobedience

The Penalty of Disobedience


Peace and grace readers,

Today, I’ve uploaded an exhortation on the penalty of disobedience. The Bible is loaded with dozens of examples of disobedience and the penalty of it. They are mainly there for our admonition. This short exhortation will go into a bit of it.

The Penalty of Disobedience

Peace and grace in the name of Jesus Christ

Disobedience and the Penalty of It   PreacherHead Ministries   YouTube

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  1. M.C. Robinson

    What a snazzy hit tune! Celebrate…very nice. I really like that song.

    Pastor Steve:

    Thank you for making the word so palatable, understandable….it certainly is a gift. Thank you for sharing your heart and gifts, knowledge and insight with us. You are a living walking example of a man of God to me…A blessing… I thank God for letting you instruct me…your teaching abillity and service…You have taken the “boogey” man out of the bible for me and I am forever grateful…thank you much….

  2. M.C. Robinson

    Good lesson by the way

  3. Abigail Mupandawana

    I have been strengthened in faith for obedience is the key to opening God’s blessings. I praise the Lord God of Israel

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