Preacherhead Serving the Poor & Needy in the Village of Ford Heights, Illinois

Contributed by Kathy Raby, (1/2/2022)

Partnering 1/2/2022

Village of Ford Heights, Illinois

It was a cold blistery, but sunny day on the far south suburban side of Chicago, where the temperature hovered around 27 °F. The Village of Ford Heights, Illinois was very gracious to support the efforts of our team by spreading the word throughout public locations within the community. Village of Ford Heights, Illinois approximately 35 miles away from the heart of Chicago.

Shortly before noon our donation trucks and volunteers started rolling into the staging area and our team began to setup. Sister Stephanie Randell is our coordinator. Stephanie is the perfect person to manage these efforts. She is very aware of time constraints, safety issues, inventory, and available manpower. This collective knowledge and the ability to apply these resources in the proper amounts is perfectly delegated with the keeping of these events.


We also have our team of drivers who do they heavy lifting. Brothers Andrew Hulede, Tyrone Boozer and Tony Hampton. They show up bright and early at the storage facility to pick up the truck, load it up and drive it to the giveaway location. At this point their work is just beginning. Yes, there are more hands-on deck, but climbing into the truck and determining what should come off, when and where it should be placed is the magic. When you see Sister Stephanie orchestrating this ensemble of volunteers and donations it is like watching a well-designed play.

Our most enthusiastic volunteer is eight-year-old JoJo Robinson, son of Andrew Hulede. JoJo has been volunteering with PreacherHead now for approximately 7 months on a regular basis with his dad. He has attended almost every PreacherHead giveaway event faithfully since he began. He makes himself available for all tasks and seems to really enjoy himself while doing so. At this event JoJo spent time helping distribute hot food to our brothers and sisters.

Hot food and beverages were supplied by Sister Michelle Israel. She said that her daughters thought to begin preparing food for the event before the Sabbath began. The two sisters soaked the beans for the chili on Friday night so they would be ready to cook on Saturday evening. They made 100 cups of chili and 100 small bricks of sweet cornbread, as well as 100 sweet potatoes. They also provided two large canisters of coffee with all the trimmings. It was a day to stay warm and PreacherHead’s team thought of everything to help make that happen.
At this event we serviced approximately 70 souls, all of whom were very grateful. A young man named Mr. Harris was so moved by PreacherHead’s presence that he returned with a card and mentioned to us that there are 14 churches in the area and none of them have taken the time to consider the needs of the people in the underserved community or how to help.

We are thank for the opportunity and look forward to serving this community again very soon!

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