Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe
Stevie In Victoria Falls

Peace and blessings brothers and sisters, I just want to take a moment to post a few pictures of the Godly beautiful scenery in Zimbabwe at Victoria Falls. The brothers here took me to see it and ALL I CAN SAY is God is wonderful. It is beautiful as you can see. To my brothers and sisters in Chicago, I do not show you this to rub it in your face as I know it is the dead of winter over there…haha, no but to share the beauty of Africa-Zimbabwe that we typically don’t get majestic pictures such as these.

God bless you, we are obviously still working and growing. Peace and blessings! By the way, we can still use monetary help so if you can spare click the red donate botton and give what you can. Peace in Jesus name!


StevieThe Beauty of Victoria Falls








Victoria Falls Photo


Victoria Falls Rainbow
Check out that Bow

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  1. Sister Carmella

    I can only imagine what it is like. Praise the Most High.

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