Zimbabwe Clean Water Project

October 3 – 19, 2022

PreacherHead Ministries is about to embark on yet another Clean Water Project, this time we will be building wells in Zimbabwe, October 3 – 19, 2022.

In 2006, we traveled to Zimbabwe, Africa for 30 days to teach brothers and sisters the truth about God. This experience was life-changing as well as eye-opening for the crew. The most heartbreaking piece of the journey was how locals acquired water for their homes. We learned so much outside of what we traveled there for initially.

Before children living in the village begin their day, they must walk 4 kilometers to fetch water. Four kilometers is equal to 2.4 miles. Then they must turn around and walk 10 kilometers to school, equivalent to 6.2 miles, and back. This act happens twice daily, every morning and evening, to carry the family throughout the day.

One driving force that stood out to Pastor Stevie while in Zimbabwe was his experience of having to wash up in a bucket of cold water for two weeks. He said it was a humbling experience and it weighed heavy on his heart. The lack of hot water compelled him to consider all this village must undergo to bring basic resources into the home, and he wanted to help ease the clean water disparity. This act made him appreciate all the blessings the Lord has provided him and his family.

PreacherHead returned to Zimbabwe in 2010 set to build the first well. It was a fantastic experience that when completed supplied 500 locals, and over 150 families with clean water. Bore holes and water holes, these additions will prevent people living in villages from having to walk miles to carry water everyday.

Water insecurities are a big deal worldwide and even across the United States. When Pastor Stevie initially ventured to Zimbabwe, he was taken aback by the dire straits and water insecurities he witnessed. Pastor explains the conveniences that we live with make us blind to the necessities or the lack thereof, for example: running water for flushing a toilet, food preparation, washing clothes and bathing. These are routines we take for granted because we are accustomed to just being able to flip a nozzle or a switch that disperses water anytime we desire it. As a result, when we are in the comfort of our homes don’t consider the daily lifestyle that takes people living in inequality away from pursuing other things that bring joy into one’s life.

The cost to bore a well is $4,500. This figure is determined by the cost of materials in Africa, the difficulty in transporting these materials into remote areas, and the heavy equipment needed to drill deeply, often through rocky soil. These wells typically span 50 or more feet deep and work best when there is plenty of groundwater. A well in Africa produces 2,000 gallons of water per second and lasts for about 20 years on average.

PreacherHead Ministries, Inc. is a 501c(3) registered in Illinois since 2006 and will be returning to Zimbabwe to build wells to relieve water insecurity.  We will be returning to Zimbabwe October 3rd through October 19th, 2022.

To garner a comprehensive understanding of what water insecurity looks like in Zimbabwe and how to support this initiative, visit this link: https://preacherhead.org/africa-clean-water-project/

We are asking for your monetary support to build wells for Zimbabwe locals experiencing water insecurities. PreacherHead will be returning to Zimbabwe soon to continue this work.

To learn more please follow this link.

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